Analyses and services

There are detailed requirements at regulatory level which govern the chemical, physical and biological characteristics which water should meet, depending on its intended use.

  • Water which is suitable for human consumption.
  • Water safeguarding.

In order to meet the needs of its clients, Ambiente Analisi offers sampling and analysis services as follows:

Drinking water is defined as water which can be drunk or used in the preparation of food without endangering health in any way.
Damage to health can result from contaminants which water could contain either because they are naturally present in the environment or due to human activities.
Possible causes of pollution are attributable to stagnation, infiltration, the tubes not having been maintained, old systems and deposits.
Water which is considered to be drinking standard meets the quality requirements given in the relevant regulations which stipulate the maximum admissible limits for the substances which may be present in the water, it may therefore be declared fit for drinking only if both the chemical and microbiological profile of the water has been analysed.

Water which is found on the surface in the form of rivers, lakes and seas.

Monitoring is carried out in order to safeguard human health and fauna, ensuring the quality of the water, determining the presence of pathogens and measuring the presence of contaminants and pollutants which exceed the limits permitted by the regulatory framework.

Types of water present below the Earth’s surface in the form of aquifers.

The water in the aquifer represents a source of water which is suitable for human consumption, but there is close correlation between contamination of this water and the potential risk to human health.

Waste water includes effluent from residential and industrial buildings and sewage treatment plants, which is potentially harmful for the surrounding environment.

Its characterisation may lead to the potential implementation of treatment plans, while subsequent monitoring guarantees that the performance of the installed treatment systems are under constant observation, thereby safeguarding human health and the health of the environment.