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Any material resulting as waste from an industrial, agricultural or domestic activity, whether it is in solid, liquid or semi-solid form is defined as “waste”.
Ambiente Analisi has qualified technicians who prepare appropriate sampling plans and, on the basis of these, intervene in the field after that, meeting the needs of its clients in full compliance with UNI EN 14899 and UNI 10802 standards.

Any waste which arises from a manufacturing process must be classified in order to establish the appropriate management and disposal method.

This classification assumes good knowledge of the technological cycle which has been used to produce the waste, the content of hazardous and non-hazardous substances and substances which could be generated through reactions. The compilation of a classification card, by the manufacturer, is therefore becoming a fundamental part of the waste treatment process to be carried out before the analysis phase.

The analysis of the physico-chemical and biological classification is carried out in order to establish the appropriate methods for the management, collection, treatment and disposal or recycling of waste.

Waste is accepted into landfill, only if it fulfils the admissibility criteria of the relevant landfill class.

In light of the fact that hazardous waste landfill sites are subject to more stringent environmental protection than non-hazardous waste landfill sites, which in turn must comply with more stringent environmental protection standards than inert waste disposal sites, waste that meets the criteria of any class of landfill may be disposed of at any landfill site that is subject to a higher level of environmental protection.

If the waste is judged to be admissible then sampling must be carried out to verify conformity.

If the results of the analyses carried out on the sample confirm the admissibility of the waste for landfill, then collections can start or continue.

All material which is put onto the market is destined to become waste and all manufacturing processes generate waste.

The term “recycling” means any operation which uses waste to generate secondary raw materials, combustibles or products, through mechanical, thermal, chemical or biological processes.

On the basis of the type of materials and the manufacturing processes, the relevant authorisations are issued and these define conformity and therefore admissibility for the recycling plants.