Environmental surveys


Environmental surveys are a useful tool to assess workplace air quality and are of paramount importance for activities that produce diffused emissions that are not technically dispersed into the atmosphere and are potentially harmful to employees.
The service offered by Ambiente Analisi includes:

  • identification of the processing steps which generate or could generate diffused emissions in the work environment;
  • identification of the pollutants potentially released during the manufacturing process;
  • sampling of indoor air;
  • personnel sampling on operators who are working on tasks which carry the highest risk;
  • laboratory analyses and drawing up certificates and documentation.

A key aspect in relation to all environmental surveys lies in the research into asbestos.
The legislation applies to building structures which are open to the public or used by several people, where products and/or materials containing asbestos are manufactured, which could result in exposure to airborne fibres.
The services offered will be different depending on the particular sector:

  • Manufactured products containing asbestos;
    • identification of manufactured products which need to be surveyed;
    • verification of the conservation status of the manufactured products;
    • mapping of the zones where there are materials containing asbestos;
    • recording the information gathered and creation of photographic documentation.
  • Work environment
    • environmental survey to see if airborne asbestos fibres are present;
    • drawing up analytical certificates and the technical intervention report;
    • creation of the intervention record and periodic updating of this record.
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ISO 9001
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