Survey radon gas


Radon is a natural radioactive gas which is odourless and colourless and is classified as a carcinogen. It is present in traces in the subsoil practically everywhere and, depending on the permeability of the earth, will get inside buildings through cracks or other parts of the foundations or perimeter walls which have not been repaired.
In indoor environments radon can accumulate, sometimes also reaching values which are very high, especially where air ventilation is reduced.
the services offered by Ambiente Analisi include:

  • implementation of a preliminary integrated sampling project; this is based on a series of measurements that provide an average radon concentration value over a period of time that could range from a few days to a few months;
  • positioning of the samplers;
  • removal of the samplers selected for the preliminary inspection, drawing up certificates and the survey report;
  • removal of all samplers, drawing up certificates and the final survey report;
  • producing photographic documentation correlated to each individual phase of the survey.

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ISO 9001
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